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A Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney

Chicago Computer Crimes Attorney

The number of convictions for computer crimes continues to grow each year. These crimes range in severity from the illegal downloading of media to the solicitation of minors and other sex crimes. But with every computer crime, the need for an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney is present.

If you or someone you love has been arrested for or is under investigation for a computer crime, contact us here at the law office of the Chicago attorney today. We can help you fight the allegations against you and get your life back on track.

Reality television shows and television news specials have enlightened the public into just some of the aggressive tactics Law enforcement agencies are using to not just catch criminals committing crimes, but assist these offenders in incriminating themselves.

Certain offenses can be committed innocently, such as the receipt of a pirated movie or music file. Programs such as Limewire may seem legal, but could possibly land you in jail.

In order to prosecute a computer crime, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the name client did in fact commit a legally definable crime. As one of the leading defense firms in the Chicago area, we know that building such a case is easier said than done. The Chicago attorney is an experienced criminal defense attorney that will expose every single flaw in the prosecution’s case to get a client the justice he or she deserves.

If you are being investigated or have already been arrested for a computer crime, contact the law offices of the Chicago criminal attorney to schedule a consultation today.