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A Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney

Chicago Felony Lawyer

A felony charge is much more serious than a misdemeanor since it is more than likely will result in time served in state prison if a conviction is reached.  Not every felony conviction does result in state prison time, but depending on your crime it is a definite possibility.  You can increase the odds of beating your felony charge by appointing the Denver criminal attorney to represent your case.

A felony charge could be anything from a violent crime to a white collar crime.  Drug offenses and sex crimes are usually charged as felonies as well.  Felonies can be tried in state criminal court or the federal court system.  The Chicago criminal attorney has many years of experience successfully representing clients in both justice systems.    

Every case is different and every client has different needs, however the Chicago attorney’s goal in every single case is to achieve the best outcome possible.  No matter how impossible a case may appear to be, hope is never lost with the skill and experience of the Chicago attorney. And if any case of police misconduct or corruption of evidence is discovered, these facts will be taken to the judge immediately to reduce your charges or get them dropped all together.  

In the cases where a client will probably be found guilty, this client can rest assured that our Chicago criminal defense team will barter with work with the judge and the prosecution to reduce incarceration time as much as possible.  Not every felony conviction has to result in jail time, especially in the cases of white collar crime.

If you are a facing a felony offense, appoint an attorney with a proven record.  Contact the law office of the Chicago criminal attorney today to begin your case.