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A Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney

Chicago Fraud Attorney

If you are facing a charge for fraud in the Chicago area, contact the law office of the Chicago criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Our Chicago criminal defense firm can defend you in any type of fraud case such as:

A conviction for a fraud crime such as embezzlement or internet fraud can completely ruin a person’s professional life. No, you didn’t murder anyone, but think about it—who wants to hire a convicted thief?  This is essentially what a fraud charge is, an accusation of taking what does not belong to you.  It carries the stigma of being sneaky and dishonest, two words that definitely do not look good on a resume.

The sentence for a conviction for a fraud charge will depend greatly on what type of fraud the client committed.  Jail time is always a possibility in such crimes, but sometimes can be exchanged for probation and fines.

In the cases where a client will probably be found guilty of their fraud charge, this client can rest assured that our Chicago criminal defense team will barter with work with the judge and the prosecution to reduce incarceration time as much as possible.  Not every conviction has to result in jail time, especially in the cases of financial and white collar crimes.

If you are a facing a fraud charge, appoint an attorney with a proven record.  Contact the law office of the Chicago criminal attorney today to begin your case.