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A Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney

Chicago Juvenile Crime Lawyer

The best statistics indicate that most adult offenders first began their lives of crime as juveniles. That is why the Chicago criminal defense attorney believes in more than just legal representation for juvenile offenders, but helping them gain access to the resources they need to change their lives.  It’s every parent’s nightmare to get a phone call saying that his or her child has been arrested.  If your child is facing a criminal charge, contact us here at the law office of the Chicago criminal defense attorney today for a free initial consultation.

Juvenile crimes fall into the same categories that adult crimes do such as drug offenses, sexual misconduct, violent behavior, drunk driving, underage driving, and more. 

The Chicago criminal attorney can represent your child in any criminal case and assist them in showing the court that they can be responsible for their actions, all the while minimizing the punishment and legal ramifications they will face.  Jail alternatives are often the best option for juvenile offenders.  Drug treatments, anger management courses, counseling, and community service are all proven effective in helping teens and young adults be rehabilitated.

A first-time misdemeanor conviction will usually result in probation, a fine, and some community service.  More serious criminal behavior and those juveniles with criminal records will face harsher punishments, however all hope is never lost with the Chicago criminal attorney. 

If your juvenile is facing a criminal charge, contact us here at the law office of the Chicago criminal attorney today.