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A Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney

Chicago Parole Violations Attorney

If you are found in violation of your parole there is a chance that you will go back to prison. But with the Chicago criminal attorney by your side, you can increase your odds of remaining free.  If you or your loved one is facing a parole violation in the Chicago area, contact the law office of the Chicago criminal attorney today for a free initial consultation.

A violation of parole could be anything from committing another crime to failing to meet with your parole officer.  Despite any seemingly legitimate reason for violating the terms of your parole, the parole board is less than likely to let you go without having heard a strong defense.

Once you violate your parole, a preliminary hearing will be called to determine if your case is severe enough to be heard at a revocation hearing.  This is meant to be a buffer between the parolee and the thought of prison and to let the matter go if the violation is not severe. 

If your case makes it into a revocation hearing, the parole board will decide to do one of three things:

At the firm of the Chicago criminal defense attorney, we believe in fighting aggressively on behalf of our clients no matter the specifics of their case.  We will fight for the fairest and shortest prison sentence possible if prison is even a viable consequence.  

If you or your loved one has violated their parole, contact us today for an immediate consultation.